Encova comes on board as title sponsor for 2 years

Charleston, WV – The Charleston Sternwheel Regatta has entered into a two year contract with Encova Insurance as the title sponsor of the event.

Kirk Aguire with Encova said that this is lock step in their mission to support the communities they reside in. They want to help many of their insurance partners and clients make this a better community to live in and thrive with new economic growth.

We can’t have events on this scale without the help from sponsors like Encova. Bryan Hughes, a commissioner, said, “When I sent the text message asking about it, they set up a meeting. It was an easy sell for them because of the strong desire to bring this event back.”

Now, it’s known as “Encova Insurance presents the Charleston Sternwheel Regatta”.

Hughes says sponsors are still calling to ask how they can contribute and the phone lines are always open.